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New Gondola to Link Alpine Meadows and Squaw Valley

Two of the top ski areas in California, Alpine Meadows and Squaw Valley located on the north shore of Lake Tahoe have confirmed plans to link the two ski resorts into a world class sized region.

The plan involves a base-to-base gondola connection between the two mountains, passing over the KT-22 peak.


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High Speed Gondola, with minimal environmental impact

The gondola is envisaged as a high-speed, detachable model with a capacity of around 1400 skiers per hour.  This is a relatively low capacity, but it will allow the resorts to minimise the number of towers and their height and to minimise the overall impact on the mountain.

Designers are already working to come up with a plan that keeps deforestation to a minimum and protect the existing watershed (a key issue in drought-threatened California).

Andy Wirth, CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings says the move would “offer guests the ability to easily explore and experience the unique attributes of these two mountains” as well as reducing traffic between them.  Currently it takes fifteen minutes to drive between the resorts.

The two resorts have been jointly operated by the same company for several years and already offer a combined lift pass. 

The limiter to any link between the resorts has been Troy Caldwell – a local man who owned the strip of land between the two mountains.  He is now onside with the plan and looking forward to working with Squaw Valley Ski Holdings on the new development.

This video explains more about the new project.




One of the largest ski areas in the States

The new combined ski area would become one of the largest in the States, totalling around 6,000 acres and is part of a trend of increasingly large ski areas in America to rival Europe’s huge regions.

This development comes shortly after the recent announcement by Vail Resorts of their plans to create a 7000 acre ski area in Utah by linking Park City and The Canyons.

Although Alpine Meadows and Squaw Valley will be not linked by ski runs, the size of the area would place it in the top three in the States and top four across all of North America.

The project now moves on to the planning stages.  At this point there is no estimated completion date, as timelines will be determined by Placer County and US Forest Service approvals after the application has been submitted.

Lodging in Squaw Valley

We will keep you in the loop here on Coda Travel and for more information about lodging in Squaw Valley please contact our team. 

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