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The Epic Pass now includes skiing at Perisher, Australia


The recent purchase of Perisher ski resort in Australia by Vail Resorts means that it’s now possible to buy one lift pass that includes unlimited skiing in more than a dozen resorts, including Vail, Breckenridge and Park City.

If you live within reach of Perisher and are thinking about a trip to the States for skiing this 2015-16 winter, the new Epic Pass is a no-brainer.

epic pass


Unlimited Skiing

Not only will it give you unlimited access to Perisher for the 2016 southern hemisphere winter, but you also gain unlimited access to the following resorts in the USA:



There are no black-out dates, so you can use this pass at any point during the season.


Pays for itself in just under 5 days

Even though the early booking stage for the Epic Pass passed last weekend, when the pass was available for USD789, even at a cost USD809 it still represents great value for money.

This still means that the Epic Pass pays for itself in just under 5 days, so for most trips and certainly for anyone planning to ski in Perisher as well as the States, this represents great value for money.

It’s a great way to get the most out of a trip to the new Park City resort extension in Utah this winter.


What are the season opening and closing dates?

The 2015/16 ski season in North America starts in November, depending on how snowfall goes.  The opening date for Breckenridge is November 13th with Keystone’s start scheduled for November 6th

Vail, Park City and all of the other resorts are due to open the weekend of 20-21 November.

The resorts will stay open through to mid-April, depending on ski conditions.

Perisher’s season dates for the 2016 southern hemisphere winter are June 11th 2016 to October 3rd 2016.


How can I buy the Epic Pass for 2015/16?


Coda Travel specialises in providing lodging and lift tickets for international customers. 

Simply contact us by completing our enquiry form and we’ll get back to you to confirm your requirements. 


Article by Iain Martin

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