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11 Great Reasons To Visit Aspen

Aspen Mountain Colorado

Year after year Aspen Snowmass tops our customer list and it has always been one of our most popular resorts at Coda Travel. 

Here’s 11 reasons why it’s proven so popular over the years:

1.       Celebrity

Aspen pulls in celebrities like no other American resort.  Take a walk through the West End and you’ll see Jack Nicholson's house (apparently the curtains are always open when he's in town ).  More bizarrely, you can also see the house where Charlie Sheen was arrested on Christmas Day 2009, plus Owl Farm where Hunter S. Thompson shot himself in 2005.

2.       The Aspen Brewing Company

No visit to Aspen is complete without tasting some of the beers produced by the Aspen Brewing Company.  It’s been four years now they have been supplying drinkers in resort with quality beers,  such as their famous Ajax Pilsner and Brown Bear Ale.

3.       The Power of Four

The four mountains – Snowmass, Aspen Mountain, Aspen Highlands and Buttermilk - are all within 25 minutes’ drive of each other and it’s easy to travel between them on the free shuttle buses that travel continuously during the day.

4.       Maroon Bells 

These two mountains are known as North America's most photographed peaks and it’s easy to see why.  Rising more than 4000m above sea level, their amazing shades are caused by their mudstone composition.

Photo Jeremy Swanson

5.       Families love Buttermilk

Buttermilk is a fantastic mountain for families and the perfect place to learn how to ski or snowboard.   The rolling slopes are perfect for learning a new sport, and for the more adventurous members of the family there’s a superpipe and terrain park.

6.       The Aspen Food & Wine Festival

Aspen is home to the annual Food & Wine Festival in June, drawing in food and wine aficionados from across America and beyond.

7.       The X Games

Buttermilk hosts the ESPN X-Games on the last weekend in January every year.  This is the leading freestyle snowsports festival in the world and has to be seen to be believed.  Coda Travel offer some great deals for accommodation for X Games week, but make sure you book early!

8.       Glitzy but not too expensive

The Coda Travel team believe that Aspen is comparable to Vail and the other major Colorado resorts in terms of price, so don't let its glitzy reputation put you off an experience you’ll never forget.

9.       Singles Ski Weeks

Aspen organises Singles Ski Weeks that are aimed at people travelling alone and looking for like-minded skiers and boarders to share time on and off the mountain with.

10.   Aspen Recreation Centre

The Lewis Ice Arena was opened in 2003 and offers skating and hockey on an  NHL regulation-size rink (85' x 200'), plus there’s grandstand seating for up to 450 people (for those with big families!)

11.   Silver mining history

Aspen was originally a silver mining town that was built at the end of the 19th century.  The Frontier Historical Museum opened in 1964 to preserve and give an insight into that history.


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