New lifts and activities for Steamboat Springs

The owners of Steamboat Springs in Colorado, Intrawest, have announced that a new detachable chair will be built this summer to open for the 2016/17 winter season.

The new lift will be part of a large investment by Intrawest, as part of their $45 million investment in their six ski resorts, which also includes Winter Park in Colorado.

The new lift will be called the ‘Elkhead’ and will help smooth transit on the south side of the mountain.

Will substantially improve guest experience at Steamboat

According to Intrawest CEO Tom Marano, “The increased speed and capacity of this new lift will substantially improve the guest experience at Steamboat.”

The current journey time will be reduced from 5 minutes 48 seconds to 2 minutes 30 seconds.

Only last month we blogged about the huge investment plans at Whistler, which include a number of summer and year-round projects, including an aquacentre and sports centre.

The plans include the introduction of a new ‘mountain coaster’ and a mini golf course.

The mini golf will only be open during the summer season, when around 30,000-40,000 people visit the resort at weekends, and will be similar to Intrawest’s existing course at Blue Mountain.

The ‘mountain coaster’ will be open year round and will join existing amenities on offer to holidaymakers including a tube park, a bowling alley, ice arena and ice climbing and their own natural hot springs.

Accommodation in Steamboat

For details of accommodation, lodging and lift tickets for Steamboat, please contact the Coda team.

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